From Little acorns...

It all began in 1988 when a second hand Mercedes 307 minibus was purchased by Keith Grimes and operated from the family home to the West of Newcastle upon Tyne.
Keith was a local lad, well known by most in the area as the family had a milk round and working alongside his Father, had forged excellent links with local people that would prove invaluable in the future. Keiths of Chapel Park slowly evolved, and more vehicles were purchased as demand grew.
"A quality service at a fair price" was the motto, and coinciding with an excellent personal service this is still our ethos 30 years on.
During the 1990's,  Keiths of Chapel Park became Keiths coaches ltd, now with a fleet of 9 vehicles including full size luxury coaches, the need for premises to park and maintain the vehicles had become necessary, and a move to Newburn Riverside earlier had been successful in helping with expansion but was now becoming too small, and in another move came rented premises in Blucher (a former coal mining village with excellent links to the main A69 and A1 roads)
Always one for progression, Keith located a site near the rented garage and it was decided that a purpose built garage with facilities to house the coaches, maintain them and provide office space should be purchased.
The 3/4 of an acre site was purchased in 2002 and an architect employed to set about the planning and once it was agreed, the building began, with the big move, some 11 months later.
30 years on, Keith is still very hands on in the business, not shy to pull on a pair of overalls or drive, hard work is still very much the order of the day, although admittedly, most weekends are now reserved for the family and Grandson Louie who already has a keen eye on the fleet of 18 vehicles, although at the age of 4, he has plenty time to contemplate what we do next!
A small selection of coaches we have operated over the years